CPST Webinar Calendar

Topic Target Group Date
1 A walk-through the Standing Orders of the National Assembly Staff of Parliament County Assembly 16th August,2022 Apply Now
2 A walk-through the Standing Orders of the Senate. Staff of Parliament County Assembly 18th August, 2022 Apply Now
3 A walk-through Parliamentary procedure Members and staff of Parliament/County Assemblies 11th October,2022 Apply Now
4 The role of Parliament in the Budget-making process. Key stakeholders including CSOs, NGOs, Professional bodies 31st October,2022 Apply Now
5 Empowering the office of the Member of Parliament Contracted staffers of MPs plus County Assemblies 28th November,2022 Apply Now
6 Outreach for high school and tertiary students on how Parliament works High school students 27th January,2023 Apply Now
7 CPST Symposium themed: Public Participation thresholds in Legislative Processes – the BIG question All stakeholders April,2023 (TBC) Apply Now
8 Evidence based decision making in the legislatures Staff of PSC and County assemblies and members of Parliament and count assemblies 22nd May, 2023 Apply Now
9 The Balanced Scorecard and the PSC PMS Staff of PSC June,2023 Apply Now