Strategic Direction

Mandate, Roles and Functions of the CPST

  • To Conduct courses for the exposition and enhancement of knowledge, skills and experience of members and Staff of Parliament and County Assemblies.

  • To Conduct courses on parliamentary practice and procedures to other stakeholders and to other publics on request and with approval of the Board

  • Provide directly or in collaboration with other institutions of higher learning, facilities for parliamentary research, studies and training.

  • To Participate in the preservation and transmission of Parliamentary knowledge in Kenya and beyond

  • To Conduct examinations for and grant academic awards as may be necessary in collaboration with Institution of Higher Learning

  • To Contribute to the effective and efficient execution by Parliament of its roles and functions in democratic governance

  • Prepare modules of training in legislation, representation and oversight roles of Parliament, in partnership with National Assembly and the Senate, other national or supranational parliaments, and other centres or institutes executing similar mandates.

  • Undertake any other business which is incidental to the performance of any of the foregoing functions.


CPST Strategic Plan

The CPST Strategic Plan 2018–2022 (Revised) will play a vital role in the realization of the Parliamentary Service Commission’s Strategic Plan 2019-2030 vision through the implementation of Strategic Pillar II of the Commission’s Strategy, through Capacity Building for legislatures and staff, Institutional Development of CPST, Research and Knowledge Management; and Partnerships and Networks.


Our Trainers

Trainers of the CPST are drawn from current and former Senior Staff of Parliament; the Academia and other professionals from key public and private sector institutions. Some of our trainers are also former Members of Parliament who served as chairpersons and members of various committees or as commissioners. All our trainers undergo Training of Trainers Courses to enhance their skills in training adult learners. The CPST uses a unique training model also known as “The CPST Way of Training”.